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Arriving At Milo McIver State Park In Oregon

Welcome to Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, Oregon –  home base for this weeks adventures!

Oh, how I have missed the Pacific Northwest – it has a smell, a look and a “feel” all its own.  There is just something about the Pacific Northwest that seems to speak to me.  I am excited for our week here!

We hit the road late yesterday to get here.  When we left Nevada, the sun was shining and it was actually pretty hot out – close to 80 I’d say!  Not long after crossing into Idaho though, all of that changed!  Storm clouds were forming all around us as we made our approach into Twin Falls.

The further west we headed, the worse the storms got.  Lightening was lighting up the sky, providing us with an awesome light show as we drove.  Sometimes, the best part of a storm, is the sunset it gives you.  The sun was setting as we made our way over the Oregon border, entering into Pacific Time Zone.  The Snake River, which followed us all through Idaho and into Oregon, joined together with the storm clouds to provide us with one of those beautiful sunsets.

Around midnight, we pulled over on Deadman’s Pass to get a couple of hours of much needed sleep.  By 4 a.m., we were back on the road.  With the storms behind us, and daylight starting to break, we were finally able to see some of the breathtaking scenery that only the Pacific Northwest can provide.

The calm of the Snake River finally left us, and gave way to the mighty Columbia River.  We followed the Columbia and its choppy, white caps, past the John Day Dam, which is located right on the border of Oregon and Washington.  For a bit of trivia, the John Day Dam has a navigation lock with a lift of 110 feet – that is the highest lift of ANY U.S. lock!

John Day Dam

The sun was up nice and bright by the time we passed through The Dalles.  We passed by the Hood River Bridge which spans the Columbia.  It is actually one of the oldest road bridges that crosses the Columbia River connecting Washington and Oregon.  It is also one of the bridges with the narrowest lanes, with lanes only measuring a little over 9 feet wide.  Lucky for us, we did not have to cross it!

Sunrise in The Dalles


Hood River Bridge


Hood River Bridge

As we got closer to our destination, you could clearly see the majestic, snow covered peak of Mt Hood – the highest volcano in Oregon.

We finally reached Milo McIver State Park.  Just a short drive through the winding, rolling hills,  moss covered trees and evergreens, the park is situated on the Clackamas River and provides access to Estacada Lake.  There are miles of hiking trails, with varying degrees of difficulty.  The weather promises to cooperate this week so that we can kayak the river, fish the lake and hike to our hearts content!  Stay tuned for updates on our week of adventures as we explore some of the beauty that only the Pacific Northwest can provide us!

See you on the trails and river!


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