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    Sometimes a post just doesn’t fit into a specific category, but wants to be heard and seen just the same…so Something To Bark About will be where these posts are published.  They may be a story, a thought or even just a picture.  Big or small, there is always Something To Bark About!  

  • Adventures & Travel

    Arriving At Milo McIver State Park In Oregon

    Welcome to Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, Oregon –  home base for this weeks adventures! Oh, how I have missed the Pacific Northwest – it has a smell, a look and a “feel” all its own.  There is just something about the Pacific Northwest that seems to speak to me.  I am excited for our week here! We hit the road late yesterday to get here.  When we left Nevada, the sun was shining and it was actually pretty hot out – close to 80 I’d say!  Not long after crossing into Idaho though, all of that changed!  Storm clouds were forming all around us as we made our…

  • Food & Recipes

    Quinoa Protein Bowl

    When I think of warm weather, I think of the things I love that go with it!  I love being able to go for a nice long run in the morning sun, sitting by the pool (or better yet, in it) with a nice cool drink.  I love all the plants, flowers and gardens that are in bloom.  The days get longer and meals feel simpler and fresher than the yummy comfort foods of Fall and Winter.  Salads make the perfect warm weather meal.  They go together quickly, there is no standing over a hot oven or stove, and the variety of salad is as endless as your imagination! The…

  • Adventures & Travel

    Kayaking The Great Salt Lake – Salt Lake City, Utah

      The time had come to try out the new kayaks (look for my kayak review later this week), and we could not have asked for better weather, or a better place to take them, than The Great Salt Lake! Before heading out, I not only checked the weather and water conditions for the day, but decided to do a little research on the lake itself.  There are some interesting facts about the lake that I found out. We probably are all aware that the lake is salty, but just how salty?  The salinity of the lake actually changes very frequently due to the level of the lake water.  The…

  • Food & Recipes

    Margarita Guacamole and Chips

    Happy Cinco De Mayo!  The perfect excuse to make guacamole and chips – not that one needs an excuse!  Even if you just want to celebrate the beautiful spring weather with a bar-b-que and all the fixings, you need to include Margarita Guacamole and Chips!  It is an easy, fresh dip, with an adult twist to it that sets it apart from other guacamole!  Besides, who doesn’t love homemade guacamole?  It is so much better than store bought!  And nothing compliments your homemade guacamole like a big bowl of homemade chips!  So take a few minutes to chop and dice, and get ready to celebrate!  ¡Es muy bueno! What you will…

  • Food & Recipes

    Not Your Mother’s Fruitcake

    Wait!  Before you stop reading right here, because you hate fruitcake – your mother’s, and everyone else’s, you need to know this is not really a fruitcake!  At least not in the sense of a Christmas time, doorstop, re-gift type of fruitcake.  This is more of a banana bread, meets carrot cake, meets applesauce spice cake, baked in a loaf pan, kind of cake.  The result is nothing short of pure deliciousness, topped with a rich creamy frosting.  One slice of this sweet, moist, delicious bread (cake), and you will be hooked!  So gather up your ingredients, and let’s get baking!   What you will need for the bread: 2…

  • Adventures & Travel

    Twelve Mile Hot Springs – Hiking in Wells, Nevada

    Nevada, the number one state for the most naturally occurring hot springs, is home to over 300 of them!  Most of them are located on public land, but there are some that are located on private land and ranches.  We had the opportunity this weekend to visit one of these little gems, which happens to be located on private property.  The owners of the property are gracious enough to open the hot springs to the public.  This being said, it is important that everyone do their part to keep the land, as well as the springs, as natural and litter free as it should be.  They do not prohibit food…