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Hot Dog! It’s Friday the 13th!

What do hot dogs and Friday the 13th have in common?  Not much, because Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck, and well, there is just nothing bad about a hot dog, ever, in my opinion.

Friday the 13th has become synonymous with bad luck and superstitions.  Don’t walk under a ladder today, or you will have bad luck….Ok, well, you probably shouldn’t walk under a ladder on any day.  If you are born on Friday the 13th, you are supposed to be unlucky for life….that just doesn’t even seem fair.  I’m sorry if today is your birthday.  A lot of hotels and buildings skip having a 13th floor because it is bad luck to be on the 13th floor…but, if you are on the 14th floor of one of those buildings, isn’t it really still the 13th floor??  Play it safe, just go to the 15th floor, because then it is really the 14th. That could get confusing.  There are so many superstitions for today, that it could get confusing anyway.

So, let me dispel the bad luck myth for today.  Just for today –  Friday, July 13th.  Today is a good day, because, not only is July National Hot Dog MONTH  (a whole, entire month dedicated to one of my favorite foods, the hot dog!), July 13th is always, Friday or not, National Beans and Franks Day!!

That is like double-dog delicious day!  And baked beans!  Who doesn’t love baked beans, with all of their brown sugary, bacon-y goodness!?  So, ignore all of that superstitious silliness and bad luck banter, at least for this month, for today, and celebrate all that is good – hot dogs!!

Oh, and if you are running out to buy some doggies and beans for dinner tonight, make sure that your bill doesn’t come to $6.66.  If it does, throw some gum in there!

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